• The A’ar photo series project got started at the beginning of 2015 and finished at the end of 2016.  A’ar is a series with the focus on history, identity, culture and the different injuries of my homeland that it endured through different times and ages.
• A’ar is an ancient word in the Persian language... It is not being used nowadays in forms of sound or written or its meaning which originate from the past.
The word A’ar is not used in everyday conversations or communications, and it does not have much of a special place in Persian, today. In the great dictionary book of Dehkhoda, which is one of the most important vocabulary sources and dictionaries in Persian, the meanings of this word are mentioned below.
A baby who is weaned early
A donkey’s sound (heehaw)
To make someone sad and grieve
A disease which makes the camel wool to fall off
I should say it simply; A’ar, is not only to be seen, it must be heard too... Like an old and ancient house or place that has a thousand memories, both happy and bitter moments for anyone.Stories that originate from every single person. And when these people go to that place, each of them remembers their own story and no other words will be needed anymore.
I tried to use the capacity of the frames to show the viewer a mirror reflection of this ancient land.
Here, there is no talk about Iran...Here, the whole principle of speech is Iran.

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